Flying Squirrel Tutoring

math and science tutoring serving the greater Worcester area


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Let me help you or your child in areas such as:

All services are $50/hr. I will travel to your home or library anywhere within the greater Worcester area for no additional fee. I will travel to further destinations (e.g. Providence or greater Boston) for an additional $10 per session fee.

Contact me at to book time. My schedule is flexible! I accept checks, and debit/credit cards via Google Checkout.


“Chris King is the best tutor I’ve ever had! We usually meet twice a week for help in Pre-Calculus and Physics. Not only does he help me with my homework, but he takes the time to make sure I understand the lesson my class is working on. We prep before tests and exams, and go over them once I get them back. Not only is Chris a wonderful tutor, he’s an incredible person. He sometimes stays over my house for dinner when he doesn’t have band practice. Any student would be lucky to have Chris as their tutor.” – Nolan M, former tutee

“Chris really knows the material and does an outstanding job simplifying and explaining it.” – former tutee

“I absolutely love Chris King, my pre-calculus and physics tutor. He always takes the time to understand where I’m having trouble and then help me focus on how to practice the material I struggle with.” – former tutee

“Love Chris!!! I got an ‘A’ on my pre-calculus test the day after we had a study session. He’s the best!!!” – former tutee

“Chris is a great tutor!” – former tutee


Pick a time you would like to meet from the calendar below, send me an e-mail, and we’ll get started!



Flying Squirrel Tutoring is run by Chris King. Chris has degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and industry experience in both fields as well.

Chris loves teaching! and has three years of experience as an academic tutor and teacher, working with students from middle school to college level:

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